Hi, I’m Emma-Jane Rose!

Your Soul Whisperer

I don’t know about you, but over the years I found myself going round and round in circles, and feeling “lost” or “stuck” many-a-time!

My early life presented a number of significant challenges – being fostered, then adopted, having my name changed, relocating to a new area, and having to start all over again when I really didn’t want to!

Later on, major challenges included choosing and changing careers, getting married, and most recently – becoming a mum.

I often found myself feeling frustrated or bored, doing things that weren’t really “me”. Because I was good at adapting to new roles, locations, and events, I spent a lot of my life adapting easily to new situations, which was as extension of trying to “fit in” with family and friends – their expectations, their hopes, their dreams – when I was younger. Ultimately, I took opportunities that came my way, but I wasn’t living on-purpose or feeling fulfilled. In fact, quite the opposite. By the time I came to the end of my corporate phase, I was dragging my body across London Bridge every morning while every cell in my body was begging me not to. I felt “out of touch” with my-self, and just wanted to follow a deep yearning to do something creative; do something with my hands.

…There had been times when I got an insight into something else – another “me” – or perhaps another experience of being. One where I was in alignment with MY HEART and SOUL. One of the first times I remember was doing some art homework, and getting so absorbed in it, I didn’t even hear my Mum calling me for lunch! And there were other times when I was writing poetry, or travelling abroad, or working with a client, magical times, when I KNEW this was ME.

…In these moments, I was free of the incessant thinking, worrying, and feeling of not being “good enough”, “clever enough”, or whatever it may be. In THESE moments, it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. It just felt GOOD. ECSTATIC. BLISSFUL even. DEEP DOWN.

When I stumbled across this system of SOUL PURPOSE READINGS, I just knew there was something for me in here! …I’d been living out other’s people’s purposes most of my life, and doubting my own inner voice that tried urging me, guiding me. And while I couldn’t really tell you what “my soul” was, something about it connected with me, and I was compelled to find out more…

And it was lifechanging.

The Soul Purpose Reading was like a map of my whole life so far – it made sense of my beginnings on a deep level, the reason certain things kept happening to me were revealed, and the gifts and talents I’d sensed I had, but never really believed or embraced, were confirmed. It is also like a SatNav system – always offering me guidance that’s in alignment with my purpose and providing direction now, and for the future. I know I’ll never be lost again!

It’s like being “reminded” of who I am, and it’s given me the clarity and confidence to step into my own shoes, and to start doing the work that my soul intended for me to do.

And that’s what I’m doing right now. My “job” (it doesn’t feel like work!) is to share this with you, so you can also “remember” who you are, and courageously step into your uniqueness – into a version of yourself that just feels SO RIGHT, SO TRUE. And the more you step into that, the more confident you become, and you hit that upward spiral, propelling you into the way of alignment and flow, ease, joy, abundance and fulfilment.

Things I love – spending time on my own, spending time with my kids, walking the dog, being in nature, meditating, learning to dance, singing, meeting beautiful souls, and having new experiences!

What I Do
  • Soul Purpose Readings
  • Living in Alignment – a 12-week 1:1 program for transformation.
  • Pellowah Energy Healing
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