Living In Alignment

Be gone, confusion! Welcome clarity, peace and joy in abundance.

The Program

This program is 12 weeks long – or short! It is for people who are truly interested in creating lasting change in their lives. You may have been on coaching programs before, you may have had therapy, or done mindset work. But never before have you done all three at the same time, with the same person, and with that level of continuity!

This program promises to create true transformation, from the inside-out. This is about finally daring to be you – in as many weird and wonderful, uniquely-you ways as you choose! It’s about daring to follow your heart. It’s about embracing “weird” as the new normal. It’s about standing out, not just fitting in. It’s about reCLAIMing your power, and standing easily and confidently in it. It’s about being your soul expression in your individuated human expression. It’s about BEcoming the essence of YOU. Being enough. Being more than enough. Being everything you want to be. You always have been.

It’s not for the faint-hearted. It calls for your commitment throughout. And is only for people are ready to invest in themselves on every level – and not just financially. I can’t do the work for you! But I can facilitate the change to that you learn to trust yourself and your own intuition.

You will be digging deep to soar high!

The program takes an integrated, flexible approach, and is tailormade to you. Not a one-size-fits-all program. We begin with your Soul Plan reading, and am guided intuitively week by week.

You will not be exactly the same person at the end that you were at the beginning – I can guarantee you that!

This is about YOU.

…The ripple effects will take care of themselves.

Investment – only £777 or US$997

This program changed my life – literally! I gained unbelievable clarity insight, and understanding into me. No more self-loathing. Following my joy, and living life “my way”. I already see the ripples happening in unexpected areas and with my children…


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