Soul Purpose Reading

It’s like having your own personal GPS system to guide you through life…

The Reading

Delivered via Zoom, this session is around 90 minutes long.

I begin by introducing you to the system, and explaining the layout of the chart and how it works. We then dive into your unique combination of energies contained within your personal chart. We explore these energies and reflect on how they’ve played out in your life to-date. You will discover where you are currently on your journey, and gain an understanding of your gifts and talents to help you to move powerfully forward with your life, in alignment with your heart, head, and soul.

A Grace Healing is incorporated into the session. This is like a guided meditation, and is really beautiful. You just sit back and relax, and go on an inner journey. This healing helps clear your soul blueprint and gives you time to integrate any new understandings and information into your being with ease.

People often report their new insights are light light-bulb moments, that create immediate relief, understanding and self-compassion. It can change people’s perspective from “life happens to me” to “life happens FOR me”, which gives us the opportunity to re-write our stories, empowering us from the inside-out.

Many people report increased clarity, focus, acceptance, peace and abundance.

Your Soul Purpose doesn’t change through your life – it remains constant. Once you know what it is, it makes navigating life’s challenges more straightforward, and exciting!

Investment – only £97 or US$127

Absolutely wonderful! The reading was very accurate and insightful. I am more confident about my life path, and have clarity on a few more things from my past. I feel 100% crystal clear on my Soul Purpose and am completely focused and on-track! Thank you.

Cathie Kelch

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